Why do some men have mistresses who are uglier than wives?
Clever point about Jeff Bezos. Anyway, 67b and 130b really makes no difference to lifestyle. The only difference is lose title of richest man in the world, if his ego needs that kind of title.

Don't agree with your point about Richard Li. I think it's sad for someone who dares to take business risks to get rich, but dare not take relationships risks to marry someone he can trust to share his success in life. On this aspect, Richard Li is a loser compared to many people on this forum who managed to find wives who are good enough for them to stay faithful to. I'm nowhere as rich as Richard Li, but at least, I got a wife to share whatever I have. On this aspect, I think I am a winner compared to Richard Li. So are many other forummers on sgtalk. I'm sure I am not alone on this aspect.

15-1-2019 4:47 PM
Many people think Jeff Bezos lost US 67B. In truth and in fact, he lost nothing. When his ex-wife dies, the US 67B still goes back to their 4 children.

The smart ones are billionaires like Richard Li. Get his actress Gf to produced 3 sons without marrying her. So what if they are bastards when they are going to grow up as ultra rich bastards.

Xiao san normally wuuu laaa laaa more exciting. Toilet, kitchen , balcony, dining table, washing machine, kitchen table, tv all they can chut pattern.
But nowadays unlike last time crt tv, nowadays flat tv very hard to wiuuu laaa laaa on it.
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