WikiFX Visited Hirose Financial in Malaysia
Company’s name: Hirose Financial
Visited on: October 17th, 2019
Visited by: WikiFX team
Location: U0067, 1st Floor, Jalan OKK Awang Besar ,87000 Labuan F.T, Malaysia.

Previous on-the-spot investigation
On our last investigation trip, we visited CIMB Bank in Malaysia and confirmed that the company is at the address from its regulatory information and is in business under LFSA regulation. As the “eyes” and “ears” of global investors, WikiFX team conducts spot check on forex brokers and record the results on WikiFX App for the reference of our clients. Upon investors’ request, we’re checking out the forex broker Hirose Financial in Malaysia this time.

About the company
Hirose Financial is the fully-funded subsidiary of leading Japanese forex company Hirose Tusyo Inc. which has branches in 4 countries offers quality services for over 200,000 global clients.

On-the-spot investigation:
According to the address from regulatory information, WikiFX team came to the bustling Jalan OKK Awang Besar Street. After searching amid countless shops and buildings, we found the entrance to the building where Hirose Financial is located. As we were walking up the stairs, we found many signs of different sizes, but did not find the name of Hirose Financial. In order not to miss anything, we turned around the first floor and finally saw Hirose Financial’s name next to u0066. Since the door was closed and no one entered or exited, we could not confirm whether someone was working in the office.

Visit Summary
WikiFX team confirms after the visit that the location of Hirose Financial's licensed branch in Malaysia is consistent with its regulatory address. Its MM license from Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) is under valid regulation and investors may safely choose this broker.

Until now, WikiFX has recorded profiles of tens of thousands of brokers, while offering investors vast forex information. Stay tuned as WikiFX presents you visit reports of more forex brokers.
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