Will WTO survive under Trump?
26-6-2018 10:25 AM
Levin said:
The answer as of now is NO unless USA stop blocking appointment of WTO judges.

By next year, there will be less than 3 judges (normally 7) which is the minimum number of judges required to hear a trade dispute. I think this is part of USA's plan as it need WTO to stop functioning so that it can impose tariffs, sanctions, barriers in trade without WTO judgement on its actions.

So. They, United States, especially Trump want to be world police Trade-man. Big Grin
And not world police-man.
23-3-2019 10:08 PM
teeth53 said:
Thot so. They don want to be world policeman, they want to be world trademan.
Trump issued world order to those who is dependable US America to survive.
China refuses to give up ‘developing country’ status at WTO, despite US demands

Beijing calls differential treatment a ‘fundamental right’, says it will not cede to Trump’s demands on World Trade Organisation reform.

China submits proposal on WTO reform

China on Monday submitted a proposal on the World Trade Organization (WTO) amid a rise in unilateralism and protectionism that are challenging the authority and efficacy of the intergovernmental organization.


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