18-10-2020 7:30 PM
TalkingStock said:
Sis one bottle drink for how long? Usually I drink half a bottle each time, if I drink alone.

depends on waht im cooking
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18-10-2020 7:29 PM
TalkingStock said:
Can't fight with buying in Australia, Europe or USA. Often 4.99 aud for exact same one selling in ntuc.

When I was in Australia last few years I always buy Penfolds 389 from Costco. Even cheaper than their airport duty free price and definitely cheaper than the duty free price here. Declare and paid the custom duties still cheaper than DFS price by about $40 /per bottle.
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Frankly in UK supermarket the wine are very cheap too. Every time I go to my HQ in Sheffield there is a supermarket Aldi near the hotel I stayed, has a wide selections of wine from Europe and Australia. Most cost around £5...and they have many good winery wines too.
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