Woman kicked out of the bus because commuters find out she is a nurse
SG got such thing meh? 127fs4573872
Damn sad and shameful that this has happened.
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Use kneecap to think please. loser

I volunteered for Grab Care already, they not happy with the Nurses onboard then I fetch, FOC I also don’t mind

All these MF should burn in hell
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Yes , fake news likely
These nurses shd b admired n honoured
13-2-2020 1:28 PM
luncheonmeat said:
Use kneecap to think please. loser




Also this morning class 95 reported on this incident too
13-2-2020 12:48 PM
Good Morning said:
“But today, my sister came home crying because a person in the bus took a peek of her NTUC bag, saw her nursing uniform && shouted at her to get off the bus because she is a nurse”, the lady added.

She also wrote that not only was she forced to alight by just one person but other passengers started pushing for it as well.

Apparently, there was another nurse on the bus who tried to defend her as well, but they were both forced to alight.

The woman’s sister questioned, “Healthcare personel (sic) not human? Are we animals to you?”

walaneh! shock
Bro, does our Health Minister know about that leh? Thinking
Maybe don't know leh! Worried
Question is, nurses in uniform. Are they allowed to be in contact with the public in uniform? I am sure there is a code for that.
I feel so sorry for the 2 nurses. I wish I could give them a hug, give them some NTUC vouchers as gesture of appreciation for their work and encourage them to move on.
Welcome to invest in India . Be among the very first to set foot on India . Kiss Kiss
wa who are those beast? worse than animal son of a gun. ninkumpoot. humkarchan uncouth family?

take them out and crucify them publicly!
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