World's most advanced nation don't know how to recycle waste!!!!
19-3-2019 5:22 PM
sticw said:
And they blame China for stopping the imports of waste. Why don't they solve their own problem by consuming less and doing real recycling?

Fark up country. Lol So much for green movement and self righteousness...

now den u know angmo only good at talking meh..

According to a flurry of recent reports in the U.S. media, a decision last year by China’s government to ban waste imports has triggered an American trash catastrophe in which thousands of cities and towns have been forced to cancel recycling programs, dump mountains of additional trash into hazardous landfills and, in the worst cases, incinerate more waste— all with devastating consequences for the quality of U.S. air and water.

How A New Policy In China Has Led To A Recycling Crisis In Mass.

The Growing Recycling Crisis

Now the most advanced nation is having "measles emergency"! Rolling on the flor laughing
America’s new recycling crisis, explained by an expert

For 30 years, China took in the world’s plastic. What happened when they stopped?

For all the campaigns encouraging people to recycle more, few lay out exactly what happens to our recyclables once they go into the blue bin. Rather than our milk jugs magically reincarnating into toys on their own, for nearly three decades American recyclables were shipped cheaply to China, where they could be sold and given new shape.....

After years of hearing that we should recycle more, it’s pretty shocking to realize that we don’t have an infrastructure that can deal with all of it. Rolling on the flor laughing

India Is Generating Much More Plastic Waste Than It Reports

The total plastic waste generation figure for that year was estimated at 1.6 million tonnes, or 160,000 truckfulls.
Illegal Plastic-Burning Factories Fill Town With Toxic Fumes, Forcing Malaysia to Act

"I couldn't sleep at night because it was so smelly. I became like a zombie, I was so tired.”

The fumes, it was soon discovered, were coming from illegal plastic-burning factories that sprouted up in response to Malaysia’s thriving new industry — the importation of junk plastic from Western countries after China banned such imports at the start of 2018.
when can we stop importing their trxxh?
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