Wow..3,000 migrant workers staying on board cruise ships
23-5-2020 8:46 PM
p1acebo said:
I wonder if the cruise casino is open for them to gamble Thinking.

All casinos closed
If have they can’t afford to gamble
[Image: zKPg0zf.jpg]
really felt like being held hostage by this bunch of goons
These two Genting cruise ships will forever be associated with Covid-19 refugee camps
23-5-2020 8:16 PM
Bulldogge said:
Wonder how much their 1 nite stay per room?

inside 11 % GST
I saw the news about their, 1 cabin 2 person sharing.
Meal at the cafeteria, then go outside sit and relax.
I thought they are confine in their cabin 24x7.
But they still can move and walk around.
[Image: 246443-675x450-feng-shui-lanterns-charmns.jpg]
This video I shared before, post it in case you missed it and are interested in seeing bangla on cruise.

23-5-2020 10:39 PM
Oldman said:
Actually not fair, do u know there are thousand odd factory dormitories in Jurong areas, each company housed 100 plus to 500 plus FWs, these FWs their quarter condition is terrible, many hope kena covid then can go Expo n thereafter transfer to cruiseship.

This is fact if you have chance to see with your own eyes.

I have seen it before.

Dormitory operator send us feedback and pictures. When i was there, the place is terrible and dirty. The kitchen wall is like volcano eruption, too.

We had to remind the FWs to clean up and set up duty roster for them.

After 3 months, back to square one!
Current Cruise ship no entertainment, no casino and no buffet due to CB
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