Wuhan virus has reached Thailand and claims its 1st victim in China
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Fears grow that mystery virus behind killer outbreak in China may spread as World Health Organization tells hospitals around the globe 'to prepare for possible outbreaks'
World Health Organization has given hospital guidance in case of a spread
The mystery virus has now struck 41 people in China and one in Thailand
There is now evidence of human to human transmission, the WHO said

Fears are growing that the mystery virus which has killed one person and infected dozens in China could spread.

The World Health Organization has now told hospitals around the globe to prepare, in the 'possible' event of the infection spreading.

Scientists are baffled by the virus which has never been seen before. Tests have so far shown it is a type of coronavirus.

Forty-one cases have been contained in the Chinese city of Wuhan since December. One patient has died of the pneumonia caused by the virus.

However, the first identified case outside of the country in Thailand last week raised concerns the virus could cross borders.

The woman, a Chinese national who was on holiday in Thailand, triggered a step-up in surveillance at airports.

Although the virus was initially thought to be transmitted by animals, the WHO said there is now evidence of human-to-human transmission....

Quote:Scientists in Hong Kong's Department of Health said Saturday that genetic sequencing of the virus found in one of the Wuhan patients and published online by a Chinese expert indicated it was 80 percent similar to SARS found in bats.


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It is very surprise that the epidemic reported appears to confined to Wuhan and around the vicinity. There was no report that the disease has spread to other parts of China except to other countries like Hong Kong, Thailand.. These people don't travel much in between China cities or this disease does not spread within China?
Today, no cure or vaccine for SARS (https://tinyurl.com/umb5wgq)
CGTN & 新华网 said pple with Wuhan virus cured (https://tinyurl.com/qrrjdr3)
(https://tinyurl.com/svkuxwy). Beijing used Steroids for SARS (https://tinyurl.com/qkac3sb), now used HIV drugs (https://tinyurl.com/tb5cfjj)

Oh no....SARS 2.0 nailbite
Yes, all very worried.
First thing at the A&E yesterday, they gave me a mask.
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