You see guys with ugly bui bui gf is that true love
26-9-2018 3:42 PM
walaneh said:
walaneh! Big Grin
At least he's sure other guys are not interested lah, bro! thumbs upWinking

What matter most is if he is okay and interested in her.
Who cares what other people thinking and looking at them right?
I have a friend , married, both like elephant, but both very happy with one another.
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24-4-2018 4:32 PM
curiousman said:
When you see a couple together, the guy is normal looking average size. The girl** is ugly and bui bui

Do you think that is true love?

If is bui bui ugly wife, it could be when he marry her she was a chio bu. After she give birth she become ugly bui bui. But he no choice cannot divorce her as will get pawn by woman charter.

But is ugly bui bui gf he can break up with her but he never break up.

So it must be true love?

But i wonder how his kkj can stand up when he pi@k the ugly bui bui gf

Maybe the bui bui elephant use gong tao timeoutnailbite
12-1-2019 8:12 AM
p1acebo said:
Maybe the bui bui elephant use gong tao timeoutnailbite

To make her look like cinderalla
What goes around comes around
If so i think he likes.....or prob he's a fetish for bui bui gals
24-4-2018 5:01 PM
valueinvestor said:
Some boys have a fetish for buibui girls.

neh neh big big mah
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